2018’s Halloween got plenty of praise heaped on it when it was released in theaters last year. Considered a return to form for the long-running franchise, it wiped out all the previous sequels from the continuity of the series except the original 1978 film. In fact, a sequel to this sequel has been announced. Hopefully that will go better than the old sequels so we don’t have to do this all over again. That being said, it didn’t take much to point out the new Halloween was basically an unofficial remake of the original 1978 film.

Michael Myers: What the-? We couldn’t even give the new one a different title?! I’m going to murder someone for this.

That’s not to say the new film didn’t offer plenty of new elements such as Laurie Strode’s character development as a paranoid, gun-toting grandma and the consequences her first encounter with Michael 40 years had her psychologically/socially. Or even the modern social media aspect as the narrative of the film is initially propelled by the fascination of two podcast journalists with the events of the original “Babysitter Murders”.

Still, like most long-running franchises, there always remains a certain pattern. And today, in honor of the film’s release on home media (It’s been available on digital since December 28th), Honest Trailers has struck once again, pointing out the fact that audiences could have been told 2018’s Halloween was the 1978 original and they could have easily believed it. Check out Honest Trailer below: