Akiva Goldsman to Adapt Brilliance Novel Trilogy

Akiva Goldsman…once the screenwriter of such films as A Beautiful Mind and I Am Legend. Lately, he hasn’t had the same kind of luck with him being the head of the story for Transformers: The Last Knight being his most recent effort. The next two projects we’ll see with Goldsman’s fingerprints on the story is Doctor Sleep, based on the sequel novel to the original The Shining novel (Which is currently filming). Seems he really wants to turn that bad luck around by also taking a stab at a bestselling novel trilogy called Brilliance, written by author Marcus Sakey. Particularly helpful is Goldsman will co-write and co-produce the films with Shane Salerno so he might have better luck with a little help in the writing department.

Brilliance is set in a future where the rare 1% born gifted with superior mental abilities (Called “brilliants”), are carefully tracked by the government. The story follows a federal agent is tasked with using his own gifts to infiltrate a radical group and hunt down another “brilliant” who could plunge the entire country into a devastating civil war.

Nothing else is known about this potential franchise although this isn’t the first time someone tried to adapt the series. Legendary Entertainment was attempting to adapt the first book with Will Smith to potential star. When the rights reverted back to the author Sakey, he wrote the two sequels in hopes of making a franchise. With Goldsman even co-writing the script…we’ll just have to see how that goes. Stay tuned!