Amazon’s Bosch Renewed for Season 6

Netflix isn’t the only streaming service working to offer original content to subscribers. Amazon and Hulu are just a few although neither is pumping out the amount of content that Netflix is. That being said, the more select nature of the material that Mazon and Hulu do tend to produce more consistent results. One such example is Amazon’s show Bosch, based on the series of best-selling detective novels by author Michael Connelly.

Focusing on the character of Harry Bosch (Played by Titus Welliver), the show has been one of Amazon’s most reliable performers, gotten strong reviews consistently, and is appreciated for it’s throwback to classic detective dramas. The show is currently in production for it’s fifth season with a 2019 premiere date planned. Fans will be happy to know though that the show won’t be expecting a series finale in season 5.

It was announced today that Amazon has renewed the series for a sixth season. While nothing is confirmed, the season will most likely keep to the ten-episode structure that previous seasons have had. The showrunners have discussed how each season usually incorporates two or three of Connelly’s twenty Bosch books to construct the season-long story arc. With that number in mind, season six might be the last season based the amount of material that can be adapted, but in any case, with that renewal, Bosch will become the longest running original series on Amazon to date. Stay tuned!