Anthony Mackie Cast as Season 2 Lead of Netflix’s Altered Carbon TV Series

For much of his career, Anthony Mackie has played in supporting roles, his most prominent being Sam Wilson/Falcon in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now though, he’ll move to the center stage as it’s been announced that Wilson will take over for actor Joel Kinnaman as the lead character of Takeshi Kovacs for the second season of Altered Carbon, the Netflix show based on the novels by author Richard K. Morgan.

The show itself focuses on Takeshi Kovacs, a man who lives in a future where the human mind has been digitized and a person can transfer their consciousness from one body (Those bodies called “sleeves”). This is how multiple actors can play the character. In fact, Kovacs was played by three different actors in season 1.  Byron Mann first played the role before Kinnamon played the main “sleeve” of the character for much of the show. Will Yun Lee also played the character in flashbacks.

While season 1 of Altered Carbon got mediocre reviews, the show gained quite the following in the first season so the expectations by fans for season 2 are high. Laeta Kalogridis will return as showrunner and executive producer while Alison Schapker will join the series as co-showrunner and fellow executive producer. David Ellison, James Middleton, Dana Goldberg, and Marcy Ross will also executive produce. No premiere date has been given for season 2 yet. Stay tuned!