Aquaman Spin-Off Titled The Trench Announced

Aquaman exceeded every expectation Warner Bros. could have had for the game. The became the first DCEU film to pass the $1 billion mark at the box office (Currently at approximately $1.1 billion). So it comes as no surprise that the WB is planning to develop another film based in the Aquaman lore and this one will be made in the tone of a horror film.

In a strange pitch, Warner Bros. today hired scribes Noah Gardner and Aidan Fitzgerald to pen The Trench. Focusing on the amphibious creatures seen in Aquaman, revealed to be inhabitants who were cut off from other survivors when Atlantis sunk and evolved into ravenous monsters, the film will not feature the main cast of Aquaman.

Aquaman director James Wan will produce the film alongside Peter Safran while the film is expected to have a more modest budget than any other DC film made thus far.

Admittedly, this combined with the grounded crime drama Joker (Out later this year) adds to the more diverse range of films that the DCEU is now trying to offer. If The Trench features even half of the creative momentum of Aquaman, this could be a really interesting film. Stay tuned!