Arrow Season 7 & Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 Debut Comic-Con Trailers

Arrow & Legends of Tomorrow are set to premiere their respective seventh and fourth seasons a week from apart from each other. Arrow will premiere on October 15th and Legends will premiere on October 22nd. Both shows are working to add something worthwhile to their narratives, as demonstrated by the Comic-Con trailers released today.

The upcoming season of Arrow looks to add some darkness back into the story with Oliver Queen (Played by Stephen Amell) now in prison after publicly admitting he was the Green Arrow at the end of last season. As he tries to survive on the inside, his friends and family face their own challenges on the outside. Vigilantism has been lawfully banned and old enemies seek to destroy everything Oliver values without him there to protect them. In the new trailer released we catch Oliver forced to return to the old survival instincts he once relied on the island to keep himself alive in prison, adding a sense of grit the show hasn’t had in years:

Legends of Tomorrow, on the other hand, was considered at the top of it’s game last season, finally allowing the characters some personal stakes and the most inventive storytelling the time-travelling show has ever offered. This included, but was not limited to, combating a demon by taking the form of a giant, living stuffed animal and the revelation one of the characters was a clone from another universe. Coming into this season, Matt Ryan joins the cast as John Constantine, a role he brought to life in his own solo show that was sadly cancelled after one season (Living on in animated form later on). Ryan’s popularity in the role allowed him to appear on LOT last season as recurring character. Updated to a regular for season 4, Constantine will work with the Legends to stop an assortment of mystical demons and creatures that are running rampant through time. The new trailer, mixing footage from last season with clips from the upcoming season 4, is not afraid to show that this season will not be holding back in terms of strangeness…or unicorns:

Catch both shows on the CW this Fall. Stay tuned!