Avengers: Endgame Debuts Official Trailer #2 & New Poster

It all comes down to this. After over 20 films, 11 years, and a slew of characters introduced, the Marvel Cinematic Universe reaches it’s Endgame. Or at least the end of this part of the story. But Marvel and Disney are working hard to make sure no spoilers hit the web with trailers that drop heavy nostalgia on audiences instead of lots of new footage.

Yet that’s ultimately what makes these trailers so effective is how little they reveal other than the only thing audiences need to head to the theater. That the characters they love have come so far and are about to risk everything they have left to be heroes. To set things right. That’s what makes the new trailer so spectacular to watch despite it revealing so little. Check it out below:

Avengers: Endgame is co-directed by Anthony and Joe Russo. It is set to hit theaters April 27th. In addition, check out the new poster released for the film below: