Bad Boys 3 Gets Production Start Date

As entertaining as Michael Bay’s first two Bad Boys films were, it wasn’thardto admit they were an entertaining mess. The idea of a third film, despite the current rumored title being Bad Boys for Lif3 (No the “3” is not a typo unfortunately), by a different creative force intrigues me enough to see what they could do with it. I think of long-delayed sequels (The ones that take decades to make) and I’m shocked how many times it’s been done right. Riddick, Blade Runner 2049, etc.

Maybe it’s the delay that allows the creative drive to actually take it’s time and really zero in on what could work, but there is something about this third film, without Bay, that really intrigues me. Especially the rumored story, penned by Chris Bremner, which seems more befitting of the title of the franchise. Marcus Burnett (Played by Martin Lawrence) is now a P.I. and Mike Lowery (Played by Will Smith) is having a bachelor midlife crisis, with the pair coming together when a large bounty is placed on their heads by a lean, mean, skilled Albanian mercenary whose brother they killed.

It was confirmed the other week that Lawrence and Smith are both returning and now it’s been confirmed that production is set to begin on January 14th and is expected to wrap by April 11th. Atlanta and Miami are the two locations where the film will shoot.

Adi El Arbi and Bilall Fallah are co-directing the film while Jerry Bruckheimer, Melissa Reid, Chad Oman, and Doug Belgrad will produce the film. The current release date is January 17, 2020 release. Stay tuned!