Behind-The-Scenes Photo: Unmasked Michael Myers from 2018’s Halloween

Half of the terror of Michael Myers is that he walks like a soulless creature, killing without pause and having no voice. Another little trick is the character’s face has never been seen without the trademark mask on. Oh yes we’ll see his face blurred in the distance or an off-centered shot of the side, but the reason he is called “The Shape” is to show his face would be to give a face to the person and remove the unknown that Michael presents as a deadly force. Also…allows them to cast whatever actor they want in the part without anyone being the wiser. That being said, the new Halloween movie had to essentially start the franchise over, except for the original 1978 classic of course.

That leads us to discuss the opening scenes of the revival film which saw Michael stripped of his mask, confined like the animal he is in a psychiatric hospital. Naturally, no psychiatrist in their right mind would allow Michael to wear his signature mask and seeing it again when provoked by a documentary filmmaker is part of what sets him off again. All the same, despite being maskless, Michael’s face is still kept mostly out of frame to keep up the faceless killer image he presents. The parts of his face we do see are that of James Jude Courtney who played the character mostly, except for one scene midway through the film when original actor Nick Castle played him in the scene where Michael first sees Laurie again.

Today, a behind-the-scenes photo is being released of Courtney in full make-up as maskless Michael Myers, including a damaged eye. This of course refers to events of the original film when Dr. Loomis (Played by Donald Pleasence) shot Michael in the eye before shooting him multiple times off a neighborhood house’s balcony. Admittedly, it’s nice that, despite never seeing any facial features fully, the production took great care to add such little details to Courtney’s face to add bits of tangible continuity to the original film. Check the photo out below:

Courtney I imagine will have more time to acquaint himself with the part as a sequel to the new film is inevitable at this point. On a $10 million budget, the film currently has made $230.3 million at the box office and most likely will make some more given it’s still in 5th place at the box office in the current top 10 films in theaters. And even better, fans of the original are more than happy to forget the messy continuity the other films presented before it came along, returning to a simpler, yet more effective suspenseful-wise, string of slasher films. Especially when this time, if the above photo is any indication, there is a lot more affection for details. Always a good sign in filmmaking I’d say. Stay tuned!