Cate Blanchett In Talks for Del Toro’s Nightmare Alley Remake, Larger Ensemble Announced

Last time Guillermo Del Toro directed, he was finally awarded Oscar glory with a Best Director AND Best Picture win for his 2017 film The Shape of Water. Since then, it’s been a wonder what he would work on next. Sticking to his affection for classic cinema, Del Toro was announced some time ago to be directing an adaptation of author William Lindsay Gresham’s 1946 novel Nightmare Alley. In additon, he co-wrote the script with Kim Morgan while co-producing the film with J. Miles Dale. The novel was previously adapted into a 1947 film starred Tyrone Power as Stanton “Stan” Carlisle, a young con-man who hooks up with female psychiatrist Zeena Krumbein (Played by Joan Blondell in the 1947 film) before she ultimately turns the table on him.

Filming isn’t expected to begin until early 2020, but Bradley Cooper had already been cast in the role of Stanton Carlisle (After Leonardo DiCaprio was in talks to take the role). Today, casting news for the film has exploded with Cate Blanchett not only in talks to co-star as Zeena Krumbein, but several actors have been tipped to join the larger ensemble including Toni Collette, Richard Jenkins, Ron Perlman, Willem Dafoe, Rooney Mara, Michael Shannon, and Mark Povinelli.

The film is happening over at Fox Searchlight who produced Del Toro’s The Shape of Water. Stay tuned!