Colton Haynes to Return to “Arrow” in 4th Season

Colton Haynes is that guy who has a very specific character he plays. In the show “Teen Wolf” he played an adopted high school kid who accidentally gets turned into a lizard beast from hell. In “Arrow” he played a parentless kid by the name of Roy Harper who lives in a bad neighborhood who…well becomes infected by a serum that turns him into a psychopathic hulk.

“Hey man…it works for me.”

Both times, a kid who gets unknowingly turned into an opponent for the main heroes before they fix him. In “Teen Wolf”, we didn’t get to see the results of his redemption because he went off and did “Arrow” as a version of Arsenal, a fellow archer and sidekick to Oliver Queen/Green Arrow (Played by Stephen Amell) who, after being cured, helps Queen fight crime. Then, around the end of season 3, his character disappeared after becoming a fugitive from the law.

The perk of comic book lore is that people can basically survive anything. As they showed this season with the resurrection of Sara Lance (Played by Caity Lotz), the younger sister to Laurel Lance (Played by Katie Cassidy), if the dead can come back…then a little thing like the law won’t stop someone. With that, Colton Haynes has announced he would guest star for at least on episode of this season of “Arrow” as Roy Harper. What will become of our young hero? Will he clear his name in the eyes of the law? Probably. Will he don the outfit of Arsenal once again? Most likely. Why? Because writers love to start reusing elements from previous seasons of their show. And in a superhero story…

The more heroes on-screen, the better.