Criterion Collection Announces “Ingmar Bergman’s Cinema” Blu-Ray Box Set

This is basically for cinephiles only, but later this year on November 20th people will have access to getting the premiere collection of one of the greatest directors of all time, Ingmar Bergman. Today, the Criterion Collection has just announced plans for “Ingmar Bergman’s Cinema,” a 39-film Blu-ray collection that serves as the most comprehensive collection of Bergman’s work ever released. It’s priced at about $300 (Although you can get it for $240 right now if you pre-order). The price is steep, but like I said this is for diehard fans of the director. And it’s not like the collection doesn’t come with a lot of extras. Even the official home media promotion picture shows just how massive this set is:

Within the over 30 hours of supplemental features, there are introductions for eleven of the films, six audio commentaries, documentaries about the making of six of the films, five hours of interviews with Bergman, at least three programs about Bergman’s life and works, and two rarely seen documentary shorts. The set will also come with a lavishly illustrated 248-page book with essays. But the big seller is access to films that were unavailable until now.

Yes, you’ll get Bergman’s greatest films like The Seventh Seal, Persona, Fanny and Alexander, and Wild Strawberries. However, you’ll also get films that were previously unavailable including Dreams, The Rite, and Brink of Life. Each of the films have undergone digital restorations. This includes a new 4K restoration of The Seventh Seal and new 2K restorations of films like Shame, The Touch, Waiting Women, and The Serpent’s Egg. All will come with uncompressed monaural and stereo soundtracks.

So if you’re one of those people with a passion for cinema and you love all the craft of it, there is no set better for you. Stay tuned!