CW-DC Crossover Elseworlds Releases New Poster

The first time the Arrowverse crossed over all of it’s shows, we get a less-than-impressive rip-off of the first Avengers film in which aliens came down trying to takeover Earth. It was a waste of time. That being said, the next year’s crossover, last year’s Crisis on Earth X, was actually a solid improvement, seeing the heroes face alternate versions of themselves as Nazis. A “What If?” kind of concept. It’s a wonder if that’s what inspired this year’s upcoming crossover Elseworlds. For those unfamiliar with that word, Elseworlds is a DC Comics brand that featured one-off storylines, seeing popular characters put in alternate realities like Batman in a Victorian-era Gotham City fighting Jack the Ripper (Gotham by Gaslight) or one where an older Justice League faces off against younger, more violent heroes (Kingdom Come).

With that in mind, a new poster was released for Elseworlds today, following the one released late last month (See it here). However, this new one brings up an interesting piece of imagery…what if Barry Allen and Oliver Queen switched their superhero identities? That will seem to be a central part of the upcoming crossover. Check it out below:

The Elseworlds crossover will start with a special episode of The Flash on December 9th (Sunday) before continuing on with a special episode of Arrow on December 10th (Monday) and concluding on a special episode of Supergirl on December 11th (Tuesday).