CW’s Batwoman Ordered to Pilot

After making a well-received debut in last year’s crossover Elseworlds, it’s officially been confirmed that a pilot has been ordered for a Batwoman TV series that will see actress Ruby Rose return as the titular character. This is a show that has been rumored to be in production for some time and now will come to fruition, at least for one episode until it’s decided by CW if the show will get ordered into production for a full season.

The show will continue the set-up from Elseworlds where Batwoman, aka Kate Kane, is pressed into service as a crime-fighter to bring order to a Gotham City in chaos after the Batman as disappeared. On a personal level, Kane has to overcome her own demons before she can save the city.

The pilot will be written by Caroline Dries, known for working on The Vampire Diaries. Dries also helped co-write the Elseworlds crossover so the character will remain consistent. David Nutter will helm the pilot and, like the over CW-DC shows, Greg Berlanti will executive produce. Stay tuned!