Deadpool 2 Officially Highest-Grossing X-Men Film

Deadpool 2 may not be considered as refreshing as the first installment (Although some argued it was better for certain reasons), but it is a film that had a very odd distinction. Last year when it was released audiences got THREE different, highly publicized versions of the film. The original R-rated theatrical version, the home media released “Super Duper Cut”, and the PG-13 Christmas version Once Upon a Deadpool. That last one, which re-framed the story in the spirit of The Princess Bride and featured Fred Savage, had a limited run in theaters in December and while it only made $31 million here in the US to the film’s $318 million domestic gross, the PG-13 version managed to do what the first film and the R-rated original version of the second film couldn’t…get shown in China.

China’s censorship forbid Deadpool’s foul-mouthed, blood-soaked adventures from being shown in their country so when the toned down version was made, it managed to finally get shown. And because of that Once Upon a Deadpool, and as an extension Deadpool 2, has just made $45 million at the Chinese box office. What this means is, despite the original theatrical version of the sequel underperforming globally at around $740 million (The first film made $783 million), thanks to that boost from the Chinese market, Deadpool 2 is now officially the highest grossing film in the X-Men film franchise, currently standing at $785 million.

With the X-Men franchise over at 20th Century Fox most likely coming to an end (There is even wonder if Dark Phoenix and New Mutants will get released theatrically), it’s nice to know the one part of the series that dared to fully embrace it’s comic book source material gets to go out on a high-note. Many believe that if anything survives the Disney/Fox merger, Ryan Reynolds and company will get to return (Especially given his fourth-wall breaking personality could deal with the shift into the MCU). Perhaps this will happen. Perhaps not. But in any case, it was one hel…heck of a ride. Stay tuned!