Death Stranding Debuts TGS Trailer

This is how good marketing has been for the upcoming game Death Stranding. First, we got an obscure promotional trailer way back last year. Then, in December 2017, we got a cinematic trailer that was equally, if not more, obscure (See it here). Fast forward six months in June of this year we get our first taste of gameplay footage (See it here). Again…still NO IDEA what the story of the game really is except we know the main character dies and goes to an upside-down world and then comes back. Despite such utter perplexing visuals and gamers still feeling completely in the dark, the game continues to generate insane buzz with theories and crazy ideas flooding the online forums.

We still don’t have a release date mind you and only know it’s going to be on the Playstation 4, but that probably won’t stop the game from being one of the most anticipated of whatever year it’s expected to come out. Game director Hideo Kojima estimates some time before end of 2019. Perhaps though it is the desire to get the game completely done right before announcing this that makes it even more exciting. This is a game clearly being made for artistic reasons. Hopefully, it ends up pleasing fans. For now, a new trailer has been released today that debuted at this year’s Tokyo Game Show this weekend. The trailer introduces a mysterious new villain wearing a mysterious gold mask-wearing villain who will be voiced and portrayed by prolific mo-cap game actor Troy Baker whose involvement was announced today. Check it out below: