Director David Cronenberg Speaks on Changing Cinema

For awhile now, directors have spoken about about how streaming services are replacing the cinematic experience. Services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc. However, today acclaimed director David Cronenberg spoke about his view on it and it was a little more existential than the other comments. He quoted the following:

The painter Willem de Kooning said: “Flesh is the reason oil paint was invented.” I say, the human body is the reason the cinema was invented. The face, the body, is its true subject, the most photographed object in cinema. Cinema is the body.

I’m here today because I’ve made some movies. However, because of the internet, Netflix, streaming, cinema is dissolving, the big screen is shattering into many little screens, and this is causing much stress amongst movie-nostalgia hardliners.

It does not matter to me. In fact, it pleases me. Because the human body is evolving, changing, and since the cinema is body, it makes sense that the cinema is changing, evolving as well. If movies disappeared overnight, I would not care. The cinema is not my life. Your art form cannot be your life. To say that it is, to make it be that, is to evade life itself. However, you will not do that, will you? No, I’m sure you won’t.

Cronenberg seems awfully confident, especially given the rumor he was thinking of retiring due to an inability to get proper funding for his projects anymore. But perhaps something is coming soon from Cronenberg that he’s doing with a streaming service that has made him believe in this recent direction in the film industry. Stay tuned!