Director Ridley Scott Reveals “Prometheus 2” Title Change

It appears that, after the lukewarm reception to the first “Prometheus” in 2012, Scott is trying to complete swap out all elements from the first film. Word has already spread that screenwriter Damon Lindelof, who co-wrote the first film with Scott, would not be returning for “Prometheus 2”. Instead, Scott’s former “Gladiator” writer John Logan, who recently wrote both “Skyfall” and “Spectre” in the James Bond film series, has been tapped to help out with rewrites. And that’s not the only change in direction.

When the first “Prometheus” was made, Scott was intent on not connecting “Prometheus” to the “Alien” films. He specifically stated, “While ‘Alien’ was indeed the jumping-off point for this project, out of the creative process evolved a new, grand mythology and universe in which this original story takes place. The keen fan will recognize strands of Alien‍ ’​s DNA, so to speak, but the ideas tackled in this film are unique, large and provocative.”

Well...he didn't hide the connection between "Alien" and "Prometheus" that much.
Well…he didn’t hide the connection between “Alien” and “Prometheus” that much.

Perhaps in response to the warm fan reception to the “Alien 5” pitch that “District 9” director Neill Blomkamp did, which was put on hold in awaiting how “Prometheus 2” turned out, Scott has recently being doing title changes that suggest he wants that Xenomorph connection made even deeper in “Prometheus 2”. At first it was known as “Alien: Paradise Lost”, apparently focusing in on the Genesis parallels that Scott alluded to in the first one. Now, the title has been changed to “Alien: Covenant”, most likely to hit the hammer on the nail even harder about the concepts of religion that were a major jump off point for lead character Elizabeth Shaw (Played by Noomi Rapace) in the first “Prometheus” film.

Screw it, just make me like Ripley. I want to kill Aliens! Stop thinking, start doing!
Screw it, just make me like Ripley. I want to kill Aliens! Stop thinking, start doing!

Filming for “Alien: Covenant” (Or whatever it will eventually be called), is set to begin in January 2016 with unknown release date at this time. Scott is set to return as director, Rapace is set to return as Elizabeth Shaw, and Michael Fassbender is set to return as David, the android from the first “Prometheus”. Actress Rebecca Ferguson is in talks to join the cast as well.

What do you think this means for the story focus? Will the Xenomorphs rule the screen time or will Scott simply try to please both camps. The “Alien” fanbase who want “Alien 5” to happen desperately and the hardcore fans of the more philosophical “Prometheus” film. As the title suggests, Scott is trying to have his cake and eat it too.

I ponder Scott's motives...but I too am curious about these "Xenomorphs".
I ponder Scott’s motives…but I too am curious about these “Xenomorphs”.