Disintegration Video Game Debuts Announce Teaser, Set for Gamescom 2019 Full Reveal

Marcus Lehto has come a long way from the being the art director who co-created the concept for Halo: Combat Evolved, off which he continued to serve in that capacity for the rest of the original trilogy along with art director consultant on Halo: ODST and creative director on Halo: Reach. But after leaving Bungie in 2012 (Making for a 15 year career with the company since he started in 1997), Lehto chose to form the independent game studio V1 Interactive, a smaller studio dedicated to developing, in their words, “high quality small games.”

Game-making is all about the long game. Years of development of just conceiving an idea before putting it into years of work. The original Halo, for example, was conceived in 1997 and wouldn’t see release until 2001. So even though Lehto formed V1 Interactive after he left Bungie in 2012, the company is just about to make it’s debut with the game Disintegration, a new first-person shooter that has been kept underwraps with even it’s official website being minimal (See it here). The only piece of promotion even available on that website is the announcement teaser which you can check out below:

Minimal obviously, the teaser seems to be putting on display a vehicle that will play central to the game and announcing that a full reveal of the game will occur at Gamescom 2019 during the Opening Night Live show on August 19. As for a release date, the distributing company for the game Private Division, a publishing label under Take-Two Interactive which partnered with V1 Interactive in December 2017, has confirmed it will be sometime in 2020 after the first quarter. In other words, sometime after April 1, 2020. For now, it’s intriguing all on it’s own to see what the co-creator of one of the most recognized game franchises of all time will do next. Stay tuned!