Doctor Who TV Series Debuts Series 11 Trailer #2

I’m going to keep an open mind for the new season of Doctor Who, which will feature the first female Doctor (Played by Jodie Whittaker). This is due to the fact I am a fan of Whittaker and the new showrunner Chris Chibnall who worked with Whittaker on the acclaimed crime drama Broadchurch. That being said, the new trailer released for the new season doesn’t really indicate any kind of radical change from the formula of the long-running TV series. Lot of running, silliness, and sci-fi. Whether it makes good on it’s promise to shake up the established nature of the series remains to be seen, but to me this trailer more is determined to say “This is still Doctor Who…just he’s a woman now.”. Check it out below:

The new season of Doctor Who will debut on BBC One on Sunday, October 7th.