Emma Stone Attached to Star in “Love May Fail”

Emma Stone did “Aloha” recently…now she has to kind of win people back. Just kidding (Sort of.) But she recently has worked again with her “Crazy Stupid Love” co-star Ryan Gosling on “La La Land”, which is directed by Damien Chazelle as the follow-up to his 2014 film “Whiplash”.

So…we’re just going to forget about this movie. That’s fine…everyone else did.

Aside from that,  Stone has recently had her name tacked onto a film that doesn’t even have a director yet.

The film, titled “Love May Fail”, was originally being worked at over at Sony Pictures but was brought over to the TriStar division when Hannah Minghella was put in charge of TriStar Co-Chairman Tom Rothman.

The synopsis is as follows:

The story revolves around a woman who is coming off a demoralizing end to her marriage to a cheating husband as she returns to her hometown determined to clear the name of her favorite English teacher, whose career was ended forcibly after a classroom scandal.

Mike White penned the script and, while TriStar is still looking for a director, Matt Tolmach is producing the film along with Elizabeth Cantillon. Just saying…

ALOHA, Emma Stone, 2015. ph: Neal Preston / © Columbia Pictures / courtesy Everett Collection
It can’t be worse than this. And, in her defense, she did apologize. Humility is a rarity in Hollywood.