Favreau Talks Tone of The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian is still finishing up filming with it set to premiere on Disney+ on November 12th. Still, it’s one of the most anticipated shows for the Fall and thus has been getting talked about whenever possible to ramp up anticipation. This week continues that when filmmaker Jon Favreau popped at Variety’s Entertainment & Technology to talk about the tone the film is attempting to go for, via the more straight forward tone of the original Star Wars trilogy:

For Star Wars, the question was how do we make it feel like Star Wars, how can I tell a story set in this particular time…what’s this gritty world?. The original Star Wars movies were a bit more intimate, character-driven. In many ways this follows the structure of a television show in that we don’t have an endless budget and it’s served by the scale of the original films which isn’t the big, huge blockbuster movies you see on the big screen all the time. We are using technology that makes best use of that scale and part of what we’re exploring is using game engine, real-time rendering.

The show is certainly emulating that in the first trailer that was released recently (See it here). Hopefully, it succeeds for the sake of fans of the more classic stories in the franchise. Stay tuned!