First Look: Netflix’s Eden Anime Series

As Netflix works to expand it’s repertoire, one edge it has over other major studios is it’s international expansion, particularly into anime. Netflix in fact has worked to get the licensing to stream Neon Genesis Evangelion later this year and have also funded the highly acclaimed take on the video game series Castlevania. So their new four-part anime series Eden is one to expect, with the synopsis as follows:

The upcoming sci-fi fantasy series Eden is set thousands of years in the future, where a city known as “Eden 3” is inhabited solely by robots whose former masters vanished a long time ago. On a routine assignment, two farming robots accidentally awaken a human baby girl from stasis questioning all they were taught to believe – that humans were nothing more than a forbidden ancient myth. Together, the two robots secretly raise the child in a safe haven outside Eden.

While only a glimpse, Netflix announced this through their secondary Twitter account NXonNetflix along with a first look image of the show. Check it out below:

As the post indicates, the anime is being directed by Yasuhiro Irie who not only worked on Cowboy Bebop and Mobile Suit Gundam, but also both shows of the Fullmetal Alchemist franchise, ultimately directing the 2009 spin-off series Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. It will be cirious to see where this show will rank among Irie’s previous works. Stay tuned!