First Look: Netflix’s Narcos: Mexico TV Series

Unlike a lot of shows, Netflix’s Narcos hasn’t really stayed the same. While the first two seasons dealt with the DEA facing up against drug kingpin Pablo Escobar, the third season transitioned to the DEA dealt with the rise of the infamous Cali Cartel that showed up after Escobar’s death. And now the fourth season, which “resets” the show as a new original series titled Narcos: Mexico. Serving as the fourth season overall of the show, the drama changes the cast and period, exploring a time in the 1980’s when the world of Mexican trafficking was disorganized, a confederation of independent growers and dealers.

Now the story will center around an undercover DEA agent named Kiki Camarena (Played by Michael Peña), a family man who, in real life, garnered valuable intel through a series of informants in his Guadalajara cartel. However, it was also through Camarena’s experiences that the DEA realized how sophisticated the Gallardo’s system actual was. As Camarena’s counterfoil you have Diego Luna playing Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo, the leader of the Guadalajara cartel who is one of the biggest narcos in the history of Mexico and the founder of the modern Mexican drug trade. Today, we have two First Look photos of both Peña as Camarena and Luna as Gallardo in character for the season which will premiere later this year. Check them out below: