First Look: Shane West as Bane in Gotham TV Series

With Fox’s Gotham coming to a close early next year with it’s ten-episode fifth season, several more popular characters will appear before the expected ten year jump that will see Batman in his natural environment, fighting villains of all types.

As such, one such character making their first appearance in the show will be a new take on Bane, played by Shane West. In this version, Bane will start as a former Army friend of Jim Gordon (Played by Ben McKenzie) and over the course of the final season will gradually transform into the famous supervillain from the comics.

Admittedly though, the official first look released today of this Bane, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, is a bizarre change in design. While in the comics usually noted as looking like a masked luchador, the character is given a dramatic new makeover for the show bordering on science fiction. Something more reminiscent of the Borg from Star Trek: The Next Generation than theatrical wrestling. Check it out below: