First Look: Sylvester Stallone in Rambo V

Part of why I’m excited for Rambo V is not just seeing one of the most iconic characters return to the big screen. It’s the fact that for what is expected to be Sylvester Stallone’s final time as the character, it’s the full circle nature of it. Rambo’s Western influences return as he descends into Mexico to face the cartel and this time there are personal stakes for the character as he’s trying to save a friend’s daughter. This adds a sense of personal motivation for the character. Really the first since the original film as the intermediate sequels always sought to depict Rambo as a near-invincible ghost of a man who may bleed but rarely fell and did things more simply because it was his duty.

The first look photo released of Stallone in the film depicts simple image of that broken soldier, but somehow already feels to be a more intense feeling when this image combines with the story the film is expected to have. Check it out below:

Rambo V is directed by Adrian Grunberg and is set to hit theaters sometime in Fall 2019.