First Look: Tom Hardy in Fonzo

Way back in March we got some first look photo of Tom Hardy in the film Fonzo (See them here). That one was released by Tom Hardy himself on the actor’s Twitter account. Now, director of the film Josh Trank has released his official first look of the actor in character. Check it out below:

The film looks to be a redemption of sorts for Trank who has still not managed to get out from under the shadow of the lackluster Fantastic Four, a film that was rumored to have been heavily modified and shifted by the studio. It’s a film that Trank still condemns as one that didn’t represent his intended vision. Trank seems to be all in with Fonzo to prove his stuff again, not only directing the film but also writing and editing the film. Fonzo is definitely different from the superhero-based films he’s done up until this point, focusing on Al Capone (Played by Hardy) after his 10 year stint in prison as he wrestles with dementia.Hopefully, it pays off for him.

Fonzo has yet to be given a released date. Stay tuned!