Fox Network Announces Focus on Shorter Seasons for New Shows

It used to be the norm for broadcast shows to have 20+ episodes a season. Fox probably more than any other with the show 24 living up to the name by having 24 episodes a season (One episode was a single hour in the show). However, in recent years, many episodes in these longer seasons have been dubbed as “filler episodes” or unnecessary episodes that don’t progress the overall plot of the story. While cable and streaming channels have already focused on shorter seasons running for a maximum 10 to 13 episodes, it seems Fox network is now set to join this trend.

Fox network is reportedly shifting its programming strategy around with an increasing push towards shows with shorter runs rather than the traditional twenty-two episodes of a broadcast series. Those series are likely to be a combination of well-known Intellectual Properties, period pieces about famous figures, or genre shows with a bunch of world-building.

The announcement of three particularly shows to hit during the Fall/Winter seasons this year are serving as examples of this with the 90210 revival and A Moody Christmas set to both run for six episodes each and What Just Happened??! With Fred Savage to run for nine episodes. In addition, the new drama series Next by Manny Coto (Ironically an executive producer on four seasons of 24) will also consist of only ten episodes.

Hopefully, this focus on shows with shorter seasons will allow for better written and concise storytelling. Stay tuned!