Fox’s The Gifted TV Series Debuts Comic-Con Season 2 Trailer

It’s a possibility that the X-Men films are going to be ending their current continuity, but as far as anyone’s concerned, the shows being produced in their own separate corner of TV seem to be moving ahead, receiving far better critical acclaim than their film counterparts as of late (With rumor that X-Men: Dark Phoenix might not even be released because it’s such a mess).

Still, Fox’s The Gifted has actually managed to capture the dystopian-style universe from the comics where mutants are seen as threats to society. Even better, the show seems willing to delve into the power dynamics (Both literally and figuratively) that entrench the various mutant and human factions. With the end of season 1 setting up a divide among the mutant characters, while upping the stakes in how society reacts to them, season 2 looks ready to go to war as made prevalent by the new trailer released for season 2 at Comic-Con this weekend. Check it out below:

Season 2 of The Gifted is set to premiere September 25th on Fox.