Fox’s The Gifted TV Series Releases Season 2 Character Posters

Admittedly, the X-Men franchise has been doing better outside their main series of films. The spin-off films like the Deadpool installments and Logan have fared better critically and box office wise while the shows Legion and The Gifted have been well-received, with Legion already renewed for a third season and The Gifted about to enter it’s second season. The latter will premiere on Fox on September 25th, but today the show has released a series of trippy character posters that seem to tie into the duality of characters in the show. The Strucker twins, their parents, Polaris and her love interest Eclipse, and Blink and her love interest Thunderbird.

At the end of the first season, these characters split among themselves, forming those who wish to rule over the humans and those who wish to simply exist. So the posters clearly will speak for the conflict that will loom over the upcoming season. Check them out below: