Fox’s The Orville TV Series Debuts Comic-Con Season 2 Trailer

A surprise hit last year to premiere on Fox was The Orville which some considered more accurate to the feel of Star Trek than the recent Star Trek: Discovery show on CBS. Course when you have Seth MacFarlane as the show’s creator and starring in the show, it’s no surprise the guy who has spoofed every piece of pop culture in his animated shows would have been the one to embody that classic sci-fi so well. MacFarlane even reflected on the first season today at the day of Comic-Con:

This show was a tonal experiment of sorts… different stories call for different tones. We were trying something kind of difficult but the pleasant surprise for me was the fans and the viewers were willing to let us tell a story.

Now, with season 2 set to premiere at the end of the year on December 30th (For at least 14 episodes), a trailer from Comic-Con has been put up online which you can check out below: