FX’s Legion to Conclude with Season 3, Set for Summer Premiere

Well, it’s been a literally insane ride, but it’s officially been announced today that the upcoming third season of FX’s Legion will be the show’s final season. This comes from FX CEO John Landgraf who announced this during his executive session at the Television Critics Association’s winter press tour.

An interesting note was Landgraf claims series creator Noah Hawley always planned to conclude the story after three seasons. However, this contradicts Hawley’s early comments after season 1 where he said he wouldn’t know how long the show would go until seeing how season 2 turned out. In any case, during this announcement, Landgraf also announced the third and final season would premiere this summer on FX.

It’s a strong possibility this has to do with the upcoming finalized merger between Disney and 20th Century Fox (FX’s parent company) where they want to be able to control the creative conclusion of the show. Still, for fans of the show, this might be a better way to preserve the dense quality of Legion. Instead of a dragged out narrative spanning seven seasons, the show will instead have a loaded third season. Hopefully, fans will enjoy a visual and narrative treat that will include the same mind-spinning writing that made the show stand out to begin with. Stay tuned!