Grant Morrison’s The Invisibles Comic Book Becoming TV Series

Grant Morrison has been one of the most defining comic book writers for decades. Whether it’s working on existing properties like Batman and Doom Patrol or original works like The Filth or We3, Morrison has been around. Recently he’s become involved more in live-action material. Not only is he working with Brian Taylor and David Weiner to adapt Aldous Huxley’s sci-fi novel Brave New World for television, but his comic book Happy! has become a successful show on Syfy.

It’s because of Happy!, which he collaborated on with Universal Cable Productions, has led him to re-team with them develop and produce a TV series based on Morrison’s 1990’s Vertigo comic series The Invisibles, a story that actually served as a major inspiration for the Wachowskis when they created The Matrix film trilogy.

The story is set in 2020, following an elite international cell of occult freedom fighters dedicated to the creation of a better world for everyone – by any means necessary. No doubt it could be quite an experience to watch such a rebellious sci-fi story on-camera. Stay tuned!