Halloween Releases Exclusive Comic-Con Poster

In an extensive article by THR, it was confirmed that the new Halloween has not be done lightly. In fact, it has now been confirmed that approximately eighty drafts of the new film were done to make sure it was done right. In that article, director David Gordon Green even delved into the writing process for the film and showed how it was a process that involved an open dialogue between the actors and the writers during pre-production and production:

I go to the actors and get their feedback and we do read-throughs and rewrites and improvisations. I’m all about reworking. A script to me is always just a blueprint and then [we] feel our way through it, together.

There’s some scenes that we’ll say, let’s not even use the script, we know point A and B, let’s put it in our own words. I’d play music on set sometimes and just trying to keep it fresh, so it’s not so overly rehearsed.

Every Saturday was rewrites for Sunday rehearsals so that I could feed off of what we learned that week or for what an actor’s idea might have been or a skill set that we didn’t know we had in front of us. So we were writing up until the very last week of production.

A lot of work is going into making this film feel like an authentic and natural extension of the original film, going as far as having original director John Carpenter compose the score (See that here). And now a new poster has been released ahead of the film’s debut at Comic-Con this weekend that offers a simple but somehow excellent rendition of the mythical presence of death that is Michael Myers. Check it out below:

Halloween stars Jamie Lee Curtis, Nick Castle, Judy Greer, Andi Matichak, Will Patton, and Virginia Gardner. It is directed by David Gordon Green (Who co-wrote the script with Danny McBride). It is set to hit theaters October 19th.