HBO’s Game of Thrones TV Series Debuts Official Season 8 Trailer

The eighth and final season of Game of Thrones is almost here after more than a year since the seventh season aired. We’re expected to get six near-feature-length-long episodes that will premiere on April 14th on HBO and run through until May 19th. And despite being barely a month away from that premiere, we are just getting the first full, official trailer, no doubt to prevent as many spoilers as possible. Check it out below:

The trailer does a good job of indicating the final stakes that will be at hand for the protagonists of the story along with indicating the massive scope intended to wrap up this epic tale (With talk of the longest battle scene in cinematic history being featured in the final season). Hopefully, the season concludes the massively popular show with everything the fans could hope for and bring GOT to an appropriately dramatic and fantastical close. Stay tuned!