Hellboy Reboot Debuts Trailer #1

On Monday we got new posters for the upcoming Hellboy reboot (See them here) with the promise of the first trailer arriving Thursday. Apparently, in hopes of surprising, the first trailer has arrived this morning. While expecting more gothic and fantastical material than the version of the story that Guillermo Del Toro gave…the trailer looks pretty generic. Mixing a standard rock ‘n’ roll background track with low budget effects and a lot of generic one-liners brought by new lead actor David Harbour.

The expectations that were set for this reboot were pretty high and even Harbour’s make-up feels lower in quality than the first look photo that was originally presented (See it here). Shame to say that, despite an April 12, 2019 release date set for right before the summer…I’m kind of now hoping this gets the studio to realize that Del Toro’s trilogy should have been completed instead. Check the new trailer out below:

Hellboy co-stars Milla Jovovich, Ian McShane, Sasha Lane, and Daniel Dae Kim. It is directed by Neil Marshall.