I’m Not Here Debuts New Trailer

Ever since his Academy Award-winning performance in Whiplash, J.K. Simmons has gone from supporting player to lead star, showing his talent in many ways. His show Counterpart is a crazy science fiction tale where he interacts with a version of himself from another reality. In film, he continues to be fine working in supporting roles, but he also takes center stage now with such films as I’m Not Here. This film deals with a broken man who delves into his tragic memories to find out how he got to where he is. Utilizing MCU star Sebastian Stan as Simmons’ younger self, the film looks to be a more dramatic, non-holiday version of A Christmas Carol.

The film premiered at a few film festivals last year but this is a clearly indie film, spearheaded Michelle Schumacher who directed, edited, and produced the film while also co-writing the script with Tony Cummings. It’s a film purely for fans of cinema and, as such, it’s no surprise the film couldn’t get a release date till March 8, 2019. For now, check out the new trailer for the film below:

I’m Not Here co-stars Maika Monroe, Mandy Moore, Max Greenfield and Iain Armitage.