Johnny English Strikes Again Debuts Trailer #2

When the 2003 film Johnny English, a satirical spy film starring Rowan Atkinson, came out I certainly didn’t think there would be another. I figured it was a mildly entertaining one-off film plus the Austin Powers film series had already covered it. Yet in 2011 we got Johnny English Reborn. Course, both movies made $160 million at the box office on budgets in the $40 million range. So naturally, when a sequel manages to hold a strong audience 8 years later after the original film and made 4 times the budget, I guess it was no surprise that another 7 years later we are getting Johnny English Strikes Again. And today we have the second trailer for the film. Check it out below:

Johnny English Strikes Again is directed by David Kerr. It is set to hit theaters in the UK on October 5th before hitting theaters here in the US on October 26th.