Last Man Standing Renewed for Season 8 on Fox

Last Man Standing was suppose to be done after season six when it was cancelled on ABC, but then Fox surprised everyone and picked the show up for a seventh season. And now, it has officially be confirmed the show will return for an eighth season on it’s new network home. Lead star Tim Allen had this to say on the renewal:

Great news for all of us who are creating these stories and working our pants off to make you all laugh. It’s another big high-five to the legions of loyal fans who have faithfully kept us front and center and huge on the radar. Thanks to our family at FOX who continue to make us feel so at home. Man, if we keep this up, they might have to call our show: Last Man Unable to Stand.

So if you like the show that clashes traditional values with modern views, you’ve got it for another season. Stay tuned!