Live-Action Remake of Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade Debuts Trailer #1

There are a lot of remakes going on these days. Here’s a weird one for you. A live-action South Korean remake of a Japanese anime. The 1999 animated film Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade to be exact. The story is set in a parallel reality in which the Nazis won World War II and Japan now exists as an oppressive military state. However, one of the heavily armoured state police builds a relationship with a young girl who is part of a violent protest movement.

Honestly, I’ve never seen a good live-action version of an anime because what makes the anime so good is lost in translation much of the time to me. While the film will have costumes done by Hollywood artist Vanessa Lee (Who did costumes for both Underworld: Evolution and the Avengers films), the trailer released for the film today doesn’t demonstrate an awe-inspiring film although it looks better than most anime-to-live-action adaptations. Check it out below:

Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade stars Gang Dong-won, Han Hyo-joo, and Jung Woo-sung. It is directed by Kim Jee-woon and so far only has a July 25th release date in South Korea.