Marvel’s Avengers: Damage Control VR Game Debuts Story Trailer

Avengers: Damage Control. In a lot of ways, the game most were hoping the main game be. Fun and immersive. That being said, this VR adventure game will only be able to be played at select VOID locations for a limited time, starting October 18th.

The story has you play as a one of a team of four to test the latest prototype design from Shuri, a powerful new suit that combines Wakandan and Stark Industries technologies. However, when a familiar enemy from the Avengers’ past seeks to steal the technology for themselves, your team must stop them before they unleash an oppressive new age upon the planet. Players will also get to fight alongside some of your favorite Avengers in a race to protect the world.

Today, the official story trailer has been released for the game. Check it out below: