Marvel’s Daredevil TV Series Confirms Season 3 Release Date, Trailer & New Poster Debut

Matt Murdock hasn’t had great luck…who are we kidding? He’s had HORRIBLE luck. After initially becoming a force of positive change for his New York neighborhood of Hell’s Kitchen during the first season of his acclaimed solo Netflix series, the blind lawyer-and-vigilante saw his superhero persona Daredevil become the match that lit a powder keg of opposition and deadly supernatural forces.

In the second season, the Punisher came rolling in and turned the city against vigilantes as his black-and-white morality led to the streets running red with mobster blood. Then the Hand, a criminal organization that has the ability to return people from the dead, killed his former love interest Elektra and brought her back as a deadly weapon to do their bidding. And while Murdock briefly hung up the horns to be a force of legal good after that, The Defenders brought him back in the fold…only for him to supposedly die at the end of that miniseries. However, it was then revealed he was alive, barely hanging on, the screen cutting to black as he was about to wake up, bandaged like mummy, in a nunnery.

Deadpool: “And now you’re all caught up.”

After experiencing all that, it’s no surprise that Murdock would have doubts about being a good little lawyer when criminals play by their own rules. Killing and hurting whoever they want. Without a doubt, season 3 looks to push him further into the darkness. Only yesterday did Marvel release the first official poster for the new season and it was not one of hope. The tagline demonstrated that as you could see below:

And the new poster released today only enhanced the darker tone that this season is expected to bring, making good on the promise made by Matt in the first teaser trailer for the new season that was released a couple weeks ago as a post-credits scene to season 2 of Iron Fist (See it here). Matt is tired of the bad guys winning…and now he’s slipping into a place of darkness he doesn’t want to escape. The new poster demonstrates that commitment that borders on the religiously persuasive…just up Matt’s alley:

As you can see, this new poster officially confirms that the dark new season will appropriately become available before Halloween and released on the same day Halloween hits theaters which is October 19th. Expected to be based on the “Born Again” storyline from the comics, season 3 is promising to return the show to the first season’s quality and narrative focus (Although I personally laud the second season). Vincent D’Onofrio is expected to return in a larger capacity as Wilson Fisk/Kingpin who, in his brief stint in season 2, looked to be on the verge of figuring out that Murdock and Daredevil are one and the same. In the “Born Again” storyline in the comics, Kingpin personally orchestrates the completely dismantling of Murdock’s life from having him disbarred to revealing his secret identity and even, in the process, his love interest Karen Page suffering through drugs and even doing porn. It’s a harsh tale and one, if even half done right, will hit fans of the character hard as they watch it unfold in the new season.

In addition to the new poster, Daredevil has released a new, brief trailer that also confirms the October 19th release date on Netflix while showing some brief footage of the darkness Matt will face and embrace. Check it out below:

With any luck, Daredevil season 3 will give fans what they want and more. Stay tuned!