Marvel’s Iron Fist TV Series Debuts Announces Season 2 Premiere Date with Trailer

Marvel has almost nothing going on at Comic-Con this year EXCEPT for having a panel for season 2 of Iron Fist, showing footage to really demonstrate how different this season will hope to be from the negatively bashed first season. Not only did Finn Jones get to actually train for the show this time (Four months in fact before filming began on season 2), but the show also has a new showrunner with martial arts experience and a better drive to the character. Jones’ appearance on season 2 of Luke Cage was very well-received, with people noting a massive difference in his performance and the fight sequences. Much like the character, Jones has had to essentially climb a mountain to earn the title of the Iron Fist. If the brief scene shown in the announcement trailer below is any indication, confirming the new season’s premiere date for September 7th, Jones is about to finally get his due in the role. Check out the trailer below: