Marvel’s Iron Fist TV Series Debuts “Building an Epic Fight Sequence” & “Violent Ballet” Featurettes, New Photos Released

Iron Fist is one week from premiering it’s second season on Netflix (September 7th) and today the show is reminding you just how different it will be from the first. Rebuilt from the ground up with new showrunner Raven Metzner, the focus today is all about the fight choreography that will be coordinated by Clayton Barber who served in the position on director Ryan Coogler’s last two films, Creed and Black Panther. While those were inspired by numerous sources, Barber’s intent this time around was to seek inspiration from “old school kung fu” such as the works of Jackie Chan.

Unlike last time, lead actor Finn Jones had months of lead time before work on the season began to “hone his skills” with the fighting and stunts. Led by Barber, Jones and the rest of the cast worked tireless to bring a new and necessary edge to the upcoming season. The two featurettes released today, titled “Building an Epic Fight Sequence” and “Violent Ballet”, really demonstrate the verocity the show hopes to bring. Check them out below, first the “Building an Epic Fight Sequence” featurette:

Second, the “Violent Ballet” featurette:

Finally, a slew of new photos have been released today for the upcoming season which you can check out below:

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