Marvel’s Iron Fist TV Series Debuts Season 2 Trailer

It doesn’t take much to say the trailer for season 2 of Iron Fist looks a million times more effective than the whole of season 1. While I believe that the freshmen season of the Marvel show was greatly exaggerated in it’s faults, the sophomore season is shaping up to be a more emotional, entertaining, and well-constructed story.

With a new showrunner, it’s no surprise that the fight scenes look 100% better. Lead actor Finn Jones looks much more effective now as Danny Rand/Iron Fist that he had 4 months to train as opposed to roughly three weeks before season 1 started filming. In fact, Jones looks to finally be having fun in the role and this season looks to offer genuine stakes with his old pal Davos out to take his Iron Fist powers while Danny has become a vigilante (Inspired by him meeting Daredevil in The Defenders miniseries).

With any luck, season 2 will surprise the undecided, silence doubters, and benefit those who stuck with the show during the trolling and “outrage”. For now, check out the new trailer for the show below:

Season 2 of Iron Fist is set to premiere on Netflix on September 7th.