Marvel’s Spider-Man Video Game Debuts 18-Minute Gameplay Walkthrough of “The Heist” DLC

Quite quickly, Spider-Man became the fast-selling PS4 game ever when it was released last month. Combined with it’s critical praise, it’s almost certain we will be getting a sequel game soon enough.

In the mean time, to wet the appetite further of any gamers who are currently playing the game, a story-based DLC pack is set to be released in three separate episodes, collectively referred to as Spider-Man: The City that Never Sleeps.

The first episode, titled “The Heist” is being released today, October 23rd, and will feature the first physical appearance of Black Cat in the game, focusing on how her return to New York impacts Spider-Man. In the main game, Black Cat was only featured in a vocal performance that accompanied a series of side quests in which Spidey attempted to track her down, constantly just missing her as she committed a series of thefts.

With the episode now available, IGN has released the first 18 minutes of gameplay from “The Heist” which you can check out below:

The second episode of the pack, “Turf Wars”, is scheduled for release in November while the third episode, “Silver Lining”, is scheduled for release in December.