Marvel’s The Punisher Season 2 Sets January 2019 Premiere Date

I personally thought the first season of the Netflix/Marvel show The Punisher was impressive by a lot of means. Instead of relying on the physical element only of the infamous, bloody anti-hero, the show created a more realistic take on the character. A character haunted by death and regret while still giving Frank Castle his trademark black-and-white view of right-and-wrong. So when it was announced the show would return for a second season, I was more than excited for a round 2 of the story.

Today, it was announced that the show will premiere it’s second season next month in January of 2019 although no official date has yet been given. In recent months, Marvel has been cancelling all of their shows that they have done with Netflix since 2015. First, Iron Fist was cancelled, followed by Luke Cage a week later, both having aired two seasons on the streaming service. Then a couple weeks ago, Daredevil followed after recently premiering a critically-acclaimed third season. Jessica Jones and The Punisher are both set to have at least one more season with the former currently filming it’s third season and, of course, the upcoming second season of The Punisher. It’s expected though that both shows will be cancelled after their respective new seasons air as Disney’s new streaming service Disney+ is set to become available next year.

If this is the last ride of Jon Bernthal’s take on the character, hopefully it’s a vicious and visceral send-off worthy of Frank Castle’s particular taste for carnage. Stay tuned!