Marvel’s The Punisher TV Series Confirms January Premiere Date with Trailer

The first teaser trailer for season 2 of the Netflix/Marvel show The Punisher seemed ready to shed the soft edges of season 1 and prepare Frank Castle for a brutal second season as an outlaw once again (See it here). Today, the newest trailer looks ready to see Frank due battle against his former friend Billy Russo who, at the end of the first season, was brutally disfigured by Frank as revenge for being part of the murder of Frank’s family. This will lead to Russo’s transformation into the famous comic book villain Jigsaw. A name that might carry more than one meaning in the new season.

In many ways, Russo seems ready to physically represent Frank’s own broken life. The primary reason for the new trailer though is to officially confirm the January 18th premiere date for season 2 that was leaked the same day of the first trailer. Check it out below: