Marvel’s The Punisher TV Series Debuts Season 2 “Back to Work” Teaser Trailer, Premiere Date Leaked

While Netflix is axing it’s Marvel shows left and right, The Punisher is unique for not being in the original contract when Marvel Studios began to make their shows with Netflix. Hence why there is believe the show might survive but in any case, many seem happy to know that the second season will be more brutal. While the new season’s premiere date hasn’t be confirmed, based on some deleted Netflix Twitter posts it’s believed it will hit the streaming service quite soon. As in January 18th.

While this hasn’t been confirmed, the first teaser trailer for season 2 titled “Back to Work” has hit the internet today, seemingly erasing Frank’s happish ending from season 1 (Which most likely was done on the off chance the show wouldn’t be renewed for a season 2). Check it out below: