Mile 22 Debuts Final Trailer

August is usually the month where films that studios weren’t confident about to play during the heart of the summer box office get help wrap up the season before kids go back to school. Those little nuggets that sort of help pass the time before it’s back to homework or to help kids shut their brains down a little when school has already started. For August this year, we actually have quite a range of films. Today alone Sleuth News released marketing for 4 different things to check out.

On August 10th, you’ll have the low budget horror film Slender Man (See the new trailer here). On August 11th, if you’d rather stay home that weekend, you have the I Am Paul Walker documentary on the Paramount Network (See the new trailer here). On August 24th, if you prefer a little something that’s outrageous you got the crime-comedy The Happytime Murders (See the new poster here). Then, finally, on August 29th you have Operation Finale, a historical drama that was put in late August because it was so well-received in test screenings (See the final trailer here).

Now, smack right in between those four options, you have the action film Mile 22 that hits theaters August 17th. Not only is it action, but it’s got two actors whose best work seems to involve this genre. Mark Wahlberg who has carried a gun in most of his hit films and acclaimed Indonesian action star Iko Uwais which could, based on his recent projects, point to a good thrill for action junkies. Today, Mile 22 released it’s final trailer which you can check out below:

Mile 22 co-stars John Malkovich, Lauren Cohan, and Ronda Rousey. It is directed by Peter Berg.